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Research shows that blotchy, uneven, dull skin can add up to 20 years to your appearance!

Your body produces excess pigment in reaction to inflammation, hormones and sun damage. Collagen and elastin are proteins that provide skin elasticity and tone. As we age, our skin produces less of these proteins. The result is a loss of suppleness, wrinkles and enlarged pores. In fact, your skin can age faster than you.

Laser skin resurfacing with new fractional lasers available at Advantage Dermatology in Jacksonville, Florida, can rejuvenate your skin and your appearance. Treatments are safe, and effective.

Fractional lasers are minimally invasive. They use high energy light to treat fractions of the skin, selectively removing microscopic columns of tissue while leaving the surrounding skin in tact. This offers visible improvement with little pain and recovery. Leaving areas of surrounding skin untreated shortens healing time and stimulates the body’s own natural process to create new collagen, plump the skin from below and remove skin imperfections.

The Pearl Fractional Laser

The Pearl Fractional Laser is used for laser skin resurfacing, and laser hair removal. Fractional lasers can deliver their energy superficially or deep to treat lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and correct skin discoloration. Even deeper application affords skin tightening, smoothing of deep wrinkles and even greater improvement in acne scars. The result is a youthful glow, refreshed look, bright heathy skin and renewed confidence.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a treatment with a laser that delivers light energy to the skin which stimulates the skin to go through a healing process that eliminates discolorations, reverses sun damage, improves acne and surgical scars, and produces fresh, new skin. The new skin is smoother and brighter with improved texture and tone, for a youthful look. The results last for years. It is used to treat the sensitive skin on the face, neck, hands, and chest.

The Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing:

  • Maximum results with minimal risk and downtime (7-10 days)
  • Wound healing provides long-term collagen deposition
  • Improvements over 6 months
  • Requires only topical anesthetic
  • Significant improvement with just one treatment, but with severe scarring or sun damage, additional treatments may be needed.
  • Safe for white skin that burns easily, never tans, tans minimally or burns moderately and tans uniformly.
  • Refines mild to moderate and deep wrinkles and lines
  • Reduces pore size
  • Improves texture, tone and discoloration
  • Reduces smoker’s lines
  • Clears acne scars
  • Tightens the skin
  • Safe for use around the delicate skin of the eyes

The Procedure

The procedure is done in office. Your Pre-op assessment will include evaluation of your skin, medical history, and cosmetic goals. Pretreatment photos will be taken. Usually, a topical anesthetic is applied before laser treatment, which takes about 30-45 min to become effective. Eye protection will be used to protect your eyes. After the procedure you will feel a burning sensation which resolves within a few minutes.


Redness and swelling are normal and last about 48 hrs., followed by skin peeling. You will look like you have a sun burn. Five to seven days after the procedure, your skin will dry out and peel. You will be provided with complete home care instructions. It is very important to follow them to obtain the best results, and for comfort and to minimize irritation. Healing may take up to 3 weeks.


  • Risk of activating herpes cold sores
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Infections
  • Burns
  • Scarring

Only your provider can decide whether you are a good candidate. Schedule a consultation with your provider at Advantage Dermatology in Jacksonville, Florida and find out.

Patients who have used Accutane within the past 6 months, or anticoagulants should wait. You are not a good candidate if you have a history of vitiligo, open wounds and infections, implants, or form keloid scars.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is safe and effective to eliminate unwanted hair. Pulses of laser light energy target melanin in hair (melanin is what gives your hair color). The light is absorbed by the hair killing the follicles. No more hair will grow from the destroyed follicles.

Hairs don’t all grow at the same rate. There are 3 phases – growth, regression and resting.

Treatment destroys the hair follicle that is in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Additional treatments will be needed to kill the follicles that were dormant and become active at a later time. Compete removal may require 3-5 treatments depending on hair thickness, the area treated and the hair’s growth cycle. Treatments are usually 6 weeks apart.

There will be mild discomfort. You can expect some common side effects such as itching, redness, swelling, that will last about 2-3 days.

Benefits include:

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Bikini, and underarm, face, lip, sideburns, legs and back are all treatable
  • Men with hair on shoulders and back will find this much more pleasant than waxing
  • Treatment targets hair, it does not affect surrounding tissue
  • It can even be used on tanned skin

Side effects include pigmentation changes, acne flares, scabbing and infection. The beauty of laser hair removal is its simplicity. No more painful waxing of unwanted facial and body hair. It works for all skin types.


Some estimates suggest between 30-60% of adults suffer from spider veins. Spider veins are dilated blood vessels in a branching pattern usually on the face, thigh, and lower leg. Spider veins are progressive and will increase in number and visibility with age. New spider veins may form over time and require treatment every few years to maintain improvement.

What causes spider veins?

A combination of genetics, hormonal changes, excess weight, prolonged standing, trauma, sun damage, and aging.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure to treat spider veins. A special solution is injected into the veins, which irritates the vein and causes it to shrink and collapse. Over a few weeks, the vein is absorbed into the body and fades away. There is no down time.

Sclerotherapy is safe and proven, and causes little, if any, discomfort. The benefit is improved appearance. Multiple treatments may be necessary.

Side effects include bruising, color changes and possibly some small areas of scarring. Complications are rare.

A good candidate is in good health, has a positive attitude and has no history of blood clotting disorders.

After care requires that the patient avoid the sun for at least 3 months. Initially for the extremities, the patient must wear compression hose.

If you are embarrassed by prominent spider veins on your face that are unsightly, and you need makeup to camouflage them, sclerotherapy may be the answer you seek.

At Advantage Dermatology in Jacksonville, Florida our providers will discuss your issues and overall health, and recommend the best treatment for you.

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